Chakra Affirmations

I enjoy teaching about Chakras and have created a workshop that includes Yoga / Oils / Sound + Affirmations to balance each of the 7 chakras. When our chakras are in balance, life tends to flow with more ease. Here are some “I AM” statements I have used, try them out and see what resonates with you.


Root Chakra – I am safe. I trust more + fear less. I am centered + grounded.

Sacral Chakra – I am authentically creating a life free of stress + full of bliss.

Solar Plexus – I am powerful, confident + successful in all my ventures.

Heart Chakra – I am giving + receiving love effortlessly + unconditionally. I am kind to myself.

Throat Chakra – I am speaking clearly. I create my reality and share my truth.

Third Eye Chakra – I am tuned in to the divine, to follow my path towards my purpose.

Crown Chakra – I am one with my higher self + the divine. I invite sacred tranformation. I am whole + complete.


Pick one I AM affirmation and say it out loud over a period of 7 days and let me know how it went. Reach out if you have any questions or want to maximize the benefits of your practice.