Mermaid Blend

The Mermaid Blend was a fun essential oil combination I came up with while playing with oils at homegirl Jaymie Tyau’s home – from Wailaau Roads. 

I enjoy using this oil after a dip in the ocean. Salt water is energetically cleansing, afterwards this blend lifts and helps me feel energized as well as relaxed. I feel hopeful, renewed and how I image a mermaid would feel. 

This blend was created to support many personal changes I wanted to overcome this summer. When I am needing an extra boost of calm confidence, this is the oil combination I grab. I feel it embodies the feeling of a mermaid’s confidence and charm. Their playful and creativity nature, as well as their beauty and healing gift. The smell is so captivating and will have you hooked. 

Here are a some of the properties each supports; 

Physically detoxify and supportive to the nervous system. Emotionally, I resonate well with the emotional support of these essential oils. Go ahead and try what works well with your body chemistry. 


Grapefruit-honoring the body

Citrus Bliss-oil of creativity 

Balance-grounding oil 

Copaiba-uproot old patterns, supports anxiety


This is the first of many blends I plan to make, stay tune for more Hawaiian Inspired Blends. 

*This blend of CTPG essential oils contain citrus oils and may cause some skin sensitivity if exposed to direct sunlight. Be sure to apply in fully clothed areas or wait 24hrs until resuming activities with high sun exposure.