Aloha, I’m Becca! I have lived on the beautiful island of Oahu for over 12 years where I met my Husband while attending Brigham Young University – Hawaii. Now, we have 2 adventurous boys and one spunky daughter. Together we love to explore different places and cultures. We love traveling for many reasons and are currently full-time travelers. We feel passionate about “Living Your Dream Life” and encourage others to do so. We love connecting with our global ohana, feel free to reach out for any meetups or gatherings while we’re in the area.


I feel passionate about knowing the meaning and origins of names. Each name, word or phrase comes with a unique story and journey, birthing to its existence a ripple effect of influence. Finding that meaning adds depth to its purpose and clues you in to its intention. I would like to share the story of where “She Planted a Tree” came from. Years back, I came across an old small red book entitled “God Planted a Tree” super subtle but for me, it was impactful. This book felt almost placed right into my hands saying softly “hey, notice me”. The thought kept returning to me over the years as I fell deeper in love with the idea that “She” too plants trees, all the time. (She, being whomever you want it to be, if that’s You or another women figure in Your life encouraging You to keep evolving, growing and becoming your best self.) She or We are ever-changing and always growing. Sometimes that even means being pruned back or fertilized a bit to progress forward. We all have part in planting seeds, whether we realized it or not, allowing the consequence of our actions to grow. Of course, we can’t always control the exact outcome of our trees but, we sure can do our part in nurturing and loving what is there.


As a child growing up in the Evergreen state, I spent many years playing outside in the trees. I love trees to this day, can you tell? In order to grow healthy and strong, we must first be grounded in WHO we are and WHAT we are about while simultaneously living, moving, changing and exploring our creative side. That’s what the congruent idea of Rooted + Free represents to me. It’s a balance between surety and the unknown. It’s playful and strong, growing up and out. It’s dancing in the wind instead of being scattered by it.


I find YOGA allows me to clear the mind of chaos, connect to the body and provide a sensation of coming home.  It is both a grounding and elevating tool. Yoga is made up of 8 limbs, the Asana (or posture) is one of those limbs. Like many of you, my yogic path started with Asana and has evolved into a more holistic view of life. I see all aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies connected as one. That for me naturally led my curiosity to my next training in FOOT ZONE Therapy, similar to reflexology, helping signal the body to come back into a balance state. This helps promote healing on a cellular level and invites the systems to work properly. Another tool that I frequently use is doTERRA’s ESSENTIAL OILS. Knowing it is a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) I know it is safe to use in recipes, on skin, on my babies and to support the body. I would love to share my knowledge and beautiful community with you and we can all grow healthier and stronger together.