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Yoga incorporates more than just getting downDog and saying “Om”. Yoga Asana (or posture) helps prepare the body for meditation and becoming more present. I love incorporating the teachings of yoga from a holistic space. Here is a place I hope to share some additional parts of yoga that I enjoy such as yummy recipes and modern music playlists,  enjoy!


I received my 200 HR Yoga Teacher training in 2014 through Hawaii Yoga Institute, I love those homies! It’s important for me to teach from a creative and organic space and will encourage curious and playful thinking as we move towards wholeness. My invitation is for All to be healthy, happy & free.


I am passionate about movement as well as stillness, so be ready to explore the balance between shakti and shiva. Being in the outdoors adds to the energy of each class, I prefer to teach outside but also teach indoors as well. My own personal yoga continues to evolve with hopes of sharing light, empowerment and liberation. Like a tree, it is significant to me to be become more rooted and free.



Vinyasa / Hatha / Restorative / Prenatal / Kids Yoga / Meditation

Private / Group Lessons Available

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I completed my certification in 2017 through FootHold, Foot Zoning school here on the Island of Oahu.

Foot Zone Therapy is a holistic approach to help you take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. It is most closely related to European Reflexology. By massaging specific parts of the foot, those points then signal related areas/systems of the body to come back into balance. Each session treats the body in its entirety and on a cellular level to promote quicker healing and recovery.


Essential Oils are a tool to help elevate us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Whether you are familiar with these Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils or your first time hearing about them, let’s explore the different ways essential oils can benefit you and your family’s life.

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In conjunction to a Class or Foot Zone session, this 1 on 1 approach enhances your experience to improving your over-all health.


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