Foot Zone and Intuitive Therapy Near Boise Idaho

Hi, I’m Becca Gulden, a Foot Zone Therapy practitioner based out of Meridian, Idaho, near Boise. I’ve been certified and have been practicing for over 6 years.

How can Foot Zone Therapy Help?

As a Foot Zone Therapy practitioner, I help you on your healing journey. Your body has the power to heal itself, but often there are physical, emotional or even generational blocks that get in the way and stop us from becoming whole. I facilitate you and your body’s natural ability to heal with Foot Zone Therapy, a type of reflexology that involves using massaging motions over different zones of your feet. Your foot acts as a map of your whole body, so even though I will only be working on your feet, your whole body will benefit.

So, if you are:

  • Suffering from stress, anxiety, or fear
  • Want more from your current life
  • Looking for ways to support your physical, emotional or spiritual healing

Foot Zone Therapy can help you. Of course, go to a doctor if thats your need. I am here to help facilitate you and your own body’s natural healing.

You make the breakthroughs, your body does the healing, but sometimes you need help. That’s why I practice this type of reflexology, to help you level up in life, to give you the support you need to trust in yourself, and to facilitate more flow and balance in your life.

Foot Zone can help you resolve emotions stored in your body, get your body back on track from any imbalances, and help you on your way to feeling more peace and control in your life.

Sign up for a Foot Zone at my Meridian Idaho Office:

What to Expect from Your Foot Zone

After you sign up online, the main thing to do to prepare for your appointment is to drink water before and after the session.

You can come dressed in normal clothes. I will only be interacting with your feet, so maybe come in slippers (sandals) to make things easier.

You’ll meet me at my home office in Meridian, ID near the Costco where I have a cozy chair and foot stool. Well take care of some quick paperwork and then get to the session. Most Foot Zones take about 45 minutes, so plan on an hour long session.

You will benefit more from each session if you are open. If you are willing to let go and change for the better. I won’t be able to change you or anyone else. Be prepared to do work.

How Often Should I get a Foot Zone?

It takes time for your body, mind and spirit to adjust and change. Often there are 3 days after the session where things are adjusting. Drink plenty of water and keep progressing in the right direction.

I suggest doing at least three sessions held every couple weeks or once a month to help keep things balanced.

Where is Your Office?

I have a home-based office in Meridian, Idaho, near the Meridian Costco off of Ten Mile. It’s not too far from Boise, Idaho, so come one down, you can check my calendar for live availability. Both you and I get a notification once you book, so add the appointment to your calendar and I’ll see you then.

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